About CDG

Cowen Design Group (CDG) is a civil engineering and landscape architecture design services firm, serving government and commercial clients. Our diverse portfolio includes partnering with the U.S. State Department Bureau of Overseas Buildings on international embassy and consulate work, as well as an expanding portfolio of local work with regional parks and recreational centers, educational facilities, and federal buildings.

CDG Services

Civil Engineering Design – Site design of land development projects for site access, site utilization and utility systems. Our work includes designing water and wastewater systems, storm water management, parking, and local community connections to create the safe and efficient use of land through low impact and sustainable practices.

Landscape Architecture Design – We create aesthetic, unique indoor and outdoor environments for pedestrian, vehicle, and recreational activities attuned to the local environment using native, and regionally appropriate plant materials, sustainable environmental features, and functional surfaces.

Secure Facility Site Design – We design unique security features to control the designated area and provide a secure environment for the users. Providing secure facilities with strategic, discrete elements to implement physical security while being attentive to the aesthetics of the architecture and the principal functionality of the property.

Integrated Sustainable Design – Our efficient water system designs are sustainable and safe. We design rainwater harvesting systems for reuse as irrigation; the treatment of waste-water for reuse; and utilize, and address heat-island mitigation with canopy trees and photovoltaic canopies.


Founded by Alisa Cowen, L.A., CDG is a certified women-owned small business.