December 15, 2016 / Civil Engineering, Planning

U.S. Embassy Compound
Valletta, Malta

Site Selection / Bridging Document / Value Engineering
Design Civil Engineer: Cowen Design
Design Architect : EYP Architecture & Engineering

Cowen Design Group served as the Design Civil Engineer for the U.S. Embassy Compound in Valletta, Malta, preparing bridging documents for design-build bidding. The U.S. Embassy design required selection of a site through feasibility analysis of several optional locations, as well as coordination with the local municipality and utility providers. The new compound included several new ancillary buildings, residence, and an office building. A large rainwater harvesting tank was designed in order to meet local municipal rainwater harvesting requirements.

Cowen Design Group also participated in a follow up, post-occupancy, value engineering study for Valletta, Malta along with study members from varying design disciplines. Together the VE team prepared a list of recommendations to improve the functional capacity of the site while realizing initial construction cost savings, annual cost savings, and total life cycle cost savings for the facility. Recommendations included sustainability enhancements, site utilization suggestions that served to reduce maintenance and operation costs, ideas to manage and control site and personnel security, and architectural design revisions to optimize proposed construction dollars.