December 15, 2016 / Civil Engineering

Flood Study
Paris, France

Design Civil Engineer: Cowen Design
Design Architect : EYP Architecture & Engineering

Cowen Design Group studied the flood characteristics and risks to the Parisian Consulate and Diplomatic Residence located in the heart of Paris, and one quarter mile from the River Seine. The analysis first required gathering background data by mapping groundwater flows and modeling the existing onsite combined sewer between the buildings and the public combined sewer system.

As the design Civil Engineer for the study, Cowen Design Group formulated a comprehensive, multi-modal flood protection plan. A groundwater dewatering concept was created to protect the consulate from groundwater infiltration. A flood protection plan incorporating a removable flood wall was selected to protect the ground floors of the Consulate. An automated sewer backwater protection and diversion plan was designed to protect the usability of the Diplomatic Residence during times of flood.