December 15, 2016 / Civil Engineering

Walter Reed Foreign Missions Center
Washington, D.C.

Master Planning
Design Civil Engineer: Cowen Design
Design Architect : EYP Architecture & Engineering

Cowen Design Group served as the Design Civil Engineer for the Master Plan at the Walter Reed Foreign Missions Center in Washington, D.C. The former Walter Reed Medical Center was subdivided into two components following the relocation of the medical operations to Bethesda, MD. The property was transferred from the Army to the District and to the State Department in 2015. As part of the master planning team for the Department of State portion of the property, Cowen Design Group provided survey and existing condition assessments of utility conditions, site drainage, and lot feasibility. Cowen Design Group also participated in master planning design charrettes to establish the future property’s layout for parcels and streetscape.

In collaboration with EYP Architecture & Engineering and Carvalho and Good Landscape Architecture, Cowen Design Group assisted in the creation of master planning guidance documents for the development of individual parcels by foreign diplomatic missions. Cowen Design Group has also provided input for master planning guidance to the Department of State with regard to necessary infrastructure upgrades and the phasing necessary, as well as coordination with the adjacent District of Columbia private development.